Planning and Resources Committee

NOTE: This committee is no longer in existence. This page remains for reference only. 


Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the Planning and Resources Committee were to co-ordinate the activities of the College, to oversee matters of governance and the management of resources. (View full terms of reference)


Meeting dates

Below you can access papers from the corresponding meetings listed;

Full terms of reference

1)  The terms of reference of the Planning and Resources Committee are to co-ordinate the activities of the College, to oversee matters of governance and the management of resources and, in particular:

    a) To present to the Council at least annually a proposed Budget and to keep that budget under review;

        (i) To recommend proposed fee changes to the Council, having consulted the relevant Committees;

        (ii) To monitor income and expenditure through management accounts and to deal with any requests for variations from the approved budget, or to draw on the contingency fund or the College’s reserves;

        (iii) To manage the assets and investments of the College, taking account of advice from any Investment Sub-Committee that may be appointed and from the retained stockbrokers of the College;

        (iv) To lay down procedures for budgeting and financial control within the College;

        (v) To approve from time to time rates of travelling and subsistence expenses and recompense for loss of earnings for Council and Committee members and lay observers.

    b) To receive reports on matters which have major resource implications, particularly those which are not sufficiently provided for in the budget, whether they relate to the premises, equipment, staff or policy initiatives and to oversee a regular risk assessment and internal audit reviews;

    c) To prepare and present to the Council a strategic plan, drafted in line with budget priorities, and to review the implementation of the plan as necessary, adjusting priorities for action as appropriate;

    d) To oversee the appointment of professional advisers to the College, including auditor(s), legal advisers, stockbrokers, insurance brokers and such other advisers as may be necessary;

    e) To deal with all matters relating to registration of veterinary surgeons and veterinary practitioners and membership of the College (in consultation with the Education Policy and Specialisation Committee, as appropriate), overseeing the publication annually of the Register and Directory of Practices and monitoring of the composition of the profession by surveys and other means, taking into account advice from any relevant Committees or Sub-Committees;

    f) To advise the Council on all corporate governance matters including keeping under review the Act and regulations made thereunder, the Charter and these Bye-Laws and keeping under review the structure of committees and delegation of powers;

    g) To authorise the affixing of the Common Seal of the College, subject to the provisions of the Charter and these Bye-Laws;

    h) To deal with all matters relating to Council elections, keeping under review Schedule 1 to the Act and the Election Scheme; and

    i) To oversee the discharge of duties imposed on the College by other legislation and to receive reports, as necessary.

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