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EMS Co-ordinators Liaison Group

The EMS Co-ordinators Liaison Group is a forum for the EMS Co-ordinators from the UK veterinary schools and practitioners. View full terms of reference.



  • Stephen Brogden (Nottingham)
  • Nuria Canedo (Harper Adams & Keele)
  • Daniella dos Santos (BVA)
  • Joanna Dyer - Chair
  • Megan Edwards/Luisa Soares (Surrey)
  • Alistair Freeman/Melanie Chapman (Liverpool) 
  • Andrew Gardiner (Edinburgh)
  • Troy Gibson/Jane Tomlin (RVC)
  • Calum McIntyre (AVS)
  • Julie MacFarlane (Bristol)
  • Andrew Parker (SPVS)
  • Penny Watson (Cambridge)
  • Phillipa Yam (Glasgow)



Duncan Ash (T 020 7202 0702, E


Terms of reference

The Extra-Mural Studies Co-ordinators Liaison Group (EMSCLG) is a forum for the EMS co-ordinators from the UK veterinary schools to meet with the RCVS, alongside additional representation from veterinary student, and practitioner and employer groups. The role of the EMSCLG is to report on EMS activities (including quality assurance and evaluation), discuss implementation of EMS, share good practice, and exchange ideas and information.

The EMCLG is an opportunity for the RCVS to provide clarification to the interpretation of EMS policy and for EMS coordinators to share any challenges or areas of good practice, and act as an advocate for improving EMS experience for students.

The role of the EMSCLG is to:

  • Consider opportunities for addressing shared EMS challenges, that can assist the RCVS in shaping EMS policy.
  • Discuss the implementation of RCVS EMS policy as per the requirements set out in the RCVS Accreditation Standards.
  • Report on trends in EMS activities and evaluation data to support quality assurance.
  • Consider ways of improving EMS activities, administration and student experience across all schools. This includes but is not limited to: 
    • maintaining and updating general guidance materials for both students and practices;
    • maintaining and updating the standard feedback forms;
  • Ensuring a common approach to the recording of EMS placements as undertaken by students, as required within the RCVS Accreditation Standards.
  • The group will also liaise where appropriate with relevant veterinary associations, societies and divisions, and government agencies, for the purpose of producing EMS guidance for veterinary students and employers hosting EMS placements.

Membership of the EMSCLG comprises one individual representing the EMS Co-ordinators from each of the UK veterinary schools and invited representatives from the British Veterinary Association (BVA), the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons (SPVS) and the Association of Veterinary Students (AVS). 

A member of RCVS Council, who also sits on the RCVS Primary Qualifications Sub-Committee (PQSC), to which the EMSCLG will report, chairs the EMSCLG. 

The Group will meet twice a year, either in person hosted by the RCVS or held virtually. The RCVS will pay travel expenses for one coordinator per veterinary school to attend the meeting in person.

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