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CPD Compliance Panel


  • Miss Alison Carr
  • Mrs Elizabeth Cox
  • Ms Linda Ford
  • Dr Susan Paterson
  • Mrs Claire Roberts
  • Col Neil Smith

Terms of reference

1. The Group is responsible for the RCVS CPD non-compliance policy and procedures, overall engagement with CPD and 1CPD and to make decisions on whether or not to refer individual cases of non-compliance or non-response to the Professional Conduct Department. The group will:

  • Develop and keep under review the RCVS CPD non-compliance policy and procedures
  • Oversee any applications from veterinary surgeons or veterinary nurses to pause CPD
  • Monitor and agree actions for CPD non-compliance cases
  • Decide when cases of CPD non-compliance should be referred to the Professional Conduct Department
  • Monitor and review ways to improve engagement with CPD and the RCVS recording portal 1CPD

2. The Group will report to the Education Committee and Veterinary Nurses Council.

3. The Group will meet at least three times a year. Meetings will be held virtually except for any exceptional circumstances when face-to-face meetings will be more beneficial.

4. The group will consist of two veterinary nurses and one lay member nominated by the Veterinary Nurses Council and two veterinary surgeons and one lay member nominated by the Education Committee. The panel has six members in total with a quorum of 50%.