Surgeries available in Durham

Durham Regional Question Time InvitationIf you are facing a re-inspection, or just have some queries about your ongoing accreditation, then our Practice Standards Workshops could be for you.

A PSS inspector will be there to answer any of your questions and queries. The sessions will be held from 1-5pm at Bowburn Hall hotel. 

For more information, or to book a slot, please contact Fiona Harcourt on or 020 7202 0773.


Evening debate

On the same day and at the same venue as the workshops, we will be hosting an evening Question Time-style forum, giving members of the practice team the opportunity to pose their questions to members of the Officer team and Veterinary Nurses Council. The evening starts at 6.30pm with a buffet supper, and the meeting will begin at 7.15pm.

Invites have gone out to those within reasonable travelling distance but all are very welcome. So we can make sure we lay on the right amount of food and drink, please let Fiona know if you are coming, on the details above.


The Practice Standard (May 2013)