Plans for a modular approach shaping up

Building blocksA modular approach that allows those at General Practice and Hospital level to progress their accreditation is being considered by the Practice Standards Group (PSG).

The change in format aims to provide more flexibility, emphasise standards of care and provide a pathway for practices to improve.

The new proposals draw on comments made by the profession as part of the concept note consultation that took place towards the end of last year. Around 50 responses were received, and we are very grateful to those who took the time and trouble to respond.

It was considered that the new modular format would best be achieved through a graded system, where General Practice standards would consist of mandatory requirements plus additional optional standards, and the accreditation achieved (which may take the form of gold, silver or bronze) would depend on the percentage of additional requirements met.

In addition, there is a proposed new General Hospital category (roughly equivalent to the existing Veterinary Hospital) and additional new ‘Referral Hospital’ categories.

It was also considered that where practices focus on limited services there should be a mechanism to accredit what is being done though a similar system of grading.

The PSG also supports the introduction of a discussion forum for practices in the Scheme to share ideas and problems.

Members of the PSG will develop these proposals and a paper will be put to the Advisory Committee in due course. There will also be a meeting of RCVS Council on the afternoon of 6 June to discuss the proposals.

Refined proposals will be put out for consultation to the profession and the public before being adopted.


The Practice Standard (May 2013)