Promoting your accreditation

When we recently asked over 1,000 cat and dog owners about their top three criteria for choosing a practice, RCVS-accreditation was rated by 18%. While that may not seem terribly many, it came after criteria such as location, standard of care (which will be included in the new Scheme) and personal experience – which we know are important to clients.  

So, it is worthwhile to promote your accreditation to owners – particularly these days via your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Photographs are the perfect way to get the message across: it might be a celebratory photo of your team when your accreditation comes through, or a photograph of something in the practice that helped you pass your inspection. Or perhaps you could run a series of photos looking at your high standards within the premises.

It’s also important to flag up your accreditation to potential employees, and our Survey of the Professions 2014 indicates that Facebook is the social networking site of choice for those vets and VNs who use social media in their professional lives.

Just a note with regard to using your accreditation: if yours is a practice that has multiple premises, not all of which have passed an inspection, it’s important to make clear to owners which premises are accredited and only use the logo in conjunction with those. 


The Practice Standard (July 2014)