Meet the Team

The Practice Standards Team and their responsibilities are here to help. Their roles and responsibilities are outlined below.

Practice Standards Team

Pictured left to right: Anthony Roberts, Ben Jones, Jacqui Molyneux, Emma Lockley, Alicia Menendez-Buick and Eleanor Ferguson.


Jacqui Molyneux – Chair of the Practice Standards Group

Jacqui was re-elected to Council in 2014 on the back of a manifesto strongly focused on delivering a new and improved Practice Standards Scheme. In July, Jacqui completes her term as RCVS Vice-President, but her focus will remain on the work of the Practice Standards Group.

The Practice Standards Group is the steering committee for the Practice Standards team and comprises representatives from all of the major veterinary and veterinary nursing organisations in the UK, as well as a consumer representative.


Eleanor Ferguson – Head of Professional Conduct (

Eleanor is Head of the RCVS Professional Conduct Department and oversees the Practice Standards Scheme.

Eleanor is an avid supporter of the Practice Standards Scheme and strongly believes in the important role that the Scheme plays in upholding and advancing veterinary standards.

Eleanor is committed to ensuring the success of the new Scheme, having been responsible for developing the original RCVS Scheme in 2005.


Anthony Roberts – Senior Manager (

Anthony has recently been seconded to the Practice Standards Team from the Communications Department.

Anthony will be leading on the development and implementation of the new Scheme. He also has line management responsibility for the Team.

Anthony has worked at the College for over four years and has been responsible for delivering key projects such as the First Rate Regulator Initiative.


Emma Lockley – Manager (

Emma has worked in the Practice Standards Team for over seven years and has an unrivalled knowledge of all aspects of the Scheme. In June 2014, Emma was promoted to Practice Standards Manager and will be responsible for day-to-day operation of the Scheme.


Ben Jones – Officer (

Ben Jones has worked in a role spanning the Registration Department and Practice Standards Team for over two years. In June 2014 he joined the Practice Standards Team as a full time Officer. Ben has a detailed knowledge of the Scheme and will likely be the first port-of-call for anyone with questions about its requirements.


Alicia Menendez-Buick – Officer (

Alicia Menendez-Buick will join the Practice Standards Team in July 2014, moving from the Registration Department where she has worked for over two years. While the Registration Department will be very sorry to see her go, we are absolutely delighted that Alicia will be joining the Practice Standards team.


The Practice Standard (July 2014)