Inspectors’ top tip

The Professional Development Record (PDR) is an excellent way for your team to plan, record and reflect on their CPD activities.

Screen grab of PDP online record

All you need to do before an inspection is ask team members to email the front page (using the ‘share’ tool) to your PSS co-ordinator who can either show the Inspector the records on screen, or print them off.

In some cases an Inspector may wish to see the supporting material for an individual’s CPD, which can also be done via the PDR, with the individual’s permission.

You could ask your locum staff to email you a copy of the front page of their PDR as part of their contract agreement with you – and, if they are regular team members, to re-send it on a regular basis. 

More on the PDR for vets and the PDR for VNs.


The Practice Standard (July 2014)