Are you ignoring your best advocates?

Receptionist at a RCVS accredited practice When we go to congresses and events, we often ask the vets and VNs who visit the stand whether their practice is accredited. The number who do not have a clue is quite worrying!

One hopes that these team members are abiding by the standards in any event, because those will be your practice’s standard operating procedures, but for staff not to know that the practice is part of the PSS, means you may be missing out.

First, there is little chance that your clients are aware that you have been inspected against high standards if the message has not got through to those working in the building. So perhaps some improved promotion is in order, so you are not hiding your light under a bushell.

Second, your staff, particularly those working directly with clients, can be excellent ambassadors for your practice – and potential advocates for the Scheme. If you ensure that they are all up to speed with what you have achieved, they can help let clients know.

To help with this, here’s another chance to download the Q&A sheet for receptionists that we circulated with the August 2009 issue of The Practice Standard.

Finally, feedback from many practices suggests that the whole process of gaining and retaining accreditation is an excellent team-building opportunity.

So don’t just wait to tell your staff when you have achieved accreditation, but ensure they are all involved in the process of getting there.

It may mean you have to buy a bigger cake to celebrate, but you will have a practice team who are all on-board with the importance of what you have achieved.



The Practice Standard (December 2012)