Get your hands on the new RVN badge

The Practice Standards Manual states that all General Practices “must ensure that the public are aware of the identity of the individuals involved in the care of their animals” (2.3) and it goes on to say that the inspector will check that only Registered and Listed veterinary nurses are identified as ‘veterinary nurses’.

The RCVS Veterinary Nurses Council is currently pushing for statutory regulation for veterinary nurses, but, until that is in place, it is important for practices to take responsibility for ensuring their veterinary nurses are properly identified.

One way to assist with this is to ensure that your registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) wear the new RVN badge.

The new badge was launched at BVNA Congress in October and is available to all RVNs at a reduced price of £15 until the end of January 2012, after which it goes up to the usual ‘badge -replacement’ rate of £43.

There is no compulsion to obtain the new badge, but we hope that many RVNs will jump at the chance of some greater recognition of their role, and that practices will support them in this.

The badge order form is available to download (see 'Related documents' box on right) 

There is currently around a four-six weeks’ wait between forms being received by the RCVS and the badges being delivered, as each one needs to be engraved with the RVN’s unique number.



The Practice Standard (December 2011)