New Chair: excited about future of the Scheme

“I am very excited to be taking over the chairmanship of the Practice Standards Group at a time when Council has given the go-ahead to modernise the Scheme,” says Jacqui Molyneux, new Chairman of the Practice Standards Group (PSG).

Vice-President Jacqui, who handed over RCVS presidency to Neil Smith at RCVS Day on 5 July, replaces Peter Jinman as PSG chairman.

“Currently over half of practices are in the Scheme, and we are keen to get as many of the rest to join as possible, including ambulatory clinics,” says Jacqui.

The review of the Scheme aims to address some of the issues identified by the profession, including the fact that it doesn’t consider standards of clinical care, only premises and equipment. “We are moving in the direction of clinical standards, but although this will be a major change, I would like to reassure practices that it should not involve having to spend a lot of money in order to comply.”

The second key area to be addressed is the perception that being RCVS-accredited does not give practices a marketing advantage. “We will do everything we can, within our limited budget, to rectify this over the next few years, although member practices will have to play their part as well,” says Jacqui.

Any new Scheme is likely to be introduced during 2015 at the earliest. Read on to the next story for more details about what changes Council has agreed to consider.

  • You can watch a video of Jacqui (below) reflecting on her year as President as part of RCVS Review, our annual report. Working towards an improved Practice Standards Scheme is one of the key issues she discusses.


The Practice Standard (August 2013)