Going digital

Those with inspections due in October will be notified in August, together with details of what information will be required to be submitted on the memory sticks.

Unfortunately, the documentation is too large to be submitted by email at present, although will look to introduce a new IT system with the updated Scheme in 2015.

The move aims to speed up the process and ensure all information is available to the inspector at the same time. It should also limit the amount of paper that is used during the inspection process.

Please accept our apologies but we will not be able to return the memory sticks, although we will destroy the data once it is no longer required by us.

We will also be starting to only use email for any PSS correspondence – with exception of the first letter to you, and, of course, the certificates.

If you have any questions about the new procedures, please email pss@rcvs.org.uk or call 020 7202 0767.


The Practice Standard (August 2013)