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How to apply for awards

Vet at computerPreparation

  • Once you have selected the award(s) you wish to apply for on a species basis, you can begin to prepare for the assessment using Stanley, the online administration and support system. Stanley will indicate at what level you are likely to achieve your award based on the information you have provided.
  • Practices are required to upload pre-assessment documents which will be checked by their allocated Assessor before the visit is agreed. 
  • Check that your practice details are up-to-date, including your nominated PSS coordinator's details.

Please download the Practice Standards Modules, Rules of the Scheme, and the PSS Handbook found in the 'Related documents' box for useful information.



For awards assessments the practice will be charged for Assessor time and travel after the assessment has taken place. We will issue an invoice for these costs. It is usually possible to complete 2 or 3 awards at a premises in one day, depending on the choice of awards. 


How to apply

To apply for an assessment please log into Stanley using your practice My Account login details. 

Once you have logged in, navigate to the PSS Events tab and create an Awards Assessment Event. You will then be able to work through the points and upload documents.