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How to apply for accreditation

Vet at computerPreparation

  • Ensure all premises within the practice group are registered for the purposes of the Register of Veterinary Practice Premises (RVPP). All practice premises within the practice group must be assessed.

  • Please download the Practice Standards Modules, Rules of the Scheme and the PSS Handbook from the 'Related documents' box for details on the standards that must be met and other key information.



  • All practices must pay an initial joining fee before they can gain full access to Stanley and begin the process of becoming accredited. They will also be invoiced for an initial assessment fee and expenses once the visit has happened.
  • Once all premises are accredited, an annual Practice Standards Scheme fee will be due by the April following accreditation and every year thereafter. This annual fee includes the Register of Veterinary Practice Premises renewal fee. For every Main premises in the group paying the higher PSS fees, the practice will be entitled to one free day of assessment every four years. 


How to apply

To apply for an assessment please log into Stanley using your practice My Account login details. (Download our guide to using Stanley via: Getting to know Stanley: a guide for veterinary practices)

Once you have logged in, you can choose to start working through a simulation event, to work through requirements and upload documents for all Core Standards clauses.

Once you are ready to apply to be assessed, click the green ‘Apply for the PSS programme’ button at the top of the page.

Please note that you will not be able to access the full version of Stanley until the initial joining fee has been received.