Welcome to the new Practice Standards Scheme!

Vet, cat and chickenThank you for visiting, and a very warm welcome to the new RCVS Practice Standards Scheme, which we launched to the veterinary and veterinary nursing professions at the London Vet Show on 20 November 2015!

From here, you can watch our short film to quickly learn all about the new Scheme, find out more about the changes and new benefits, and apply for accreditation and/or apply for the new awards.


The new PSS - a pathway to improvement


Find out more about the changes and new benefits

If you don't have much time at the moment, our overview of the PSS should be enough to give you a good idea of the changes and new benefits we've introduced.

When you get chance to sit down with a cuppa, please browse around our new Practice Standards section.


How to apply for accreditation and awards

When you're ready, please click on the images below to apply for acccreditation or the new awards.

Apply for accreditation   Apply for awards


Any questions?

Of course, you may still have lots of questions, so do please get in touch.

We'll be happy to help.