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Change of category fees

If you're a veterinary surgeon and you wish to change category, please refer to the table below for the fee that you need to pay. 

Changing category during annual renewal

Change of category 1 - 30 April 2024 1 - 31 May 2024
From 'UK-practising' (standard fee) to 'Practising outside the UK' £200 £336
From 'UK-practising' (standard fee) to 'Non-practising' £66 £269
From 'Practising outside the UK' to 'UK-practising' (standard fee) £402 £437
From 'Practising outside the UK' to 'Non-practising' £66 £168
From 'Non-practising' to 'UK-practising' (standard fee) £402 £437
From 'Non-practising' to 'Practising outside the UK' £200 £235

Change of category applications carried out as part of the annual renewal must be received by 31 May each year, which is when the annual renewal period ends. If the full fee is not received by this date then your name will be removed from the Register of Veterinary Surgeons.

In order to restore your name to the Register you will need to pay a restoration fee of £402, in addition to your registration fee. Please note during this time you will not be able to use the postnominal MRCVS and UK-practising vets will need to cease practising immediately.  

Please note: if you have already paid your annual renewal fee for this year, then you may apply to change your category.