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RCVS requirements for 'intention to sit' and 'seeing practice' forms

The Veterinary Surgeons (Practice by Students) (Amendment) Regulations 1993 permit overseas veterinarians to 'see practice' for a reasonable period of time in preparation for sitting the examination provided they meet RCVS requirements throughout their examination preparation.

You must:

  • inform us of your intention to sit
  • notify us of your plans and arrangements for seeing practice
  • renew your declaration of intention to sit annually

Declaring your intention to sit the examination is the first step in the examination process and you can submit your initial / first declaration to the RCVS at any time of year.

We will create an examination record for you and, if applicable, also write to you to confirm your eligibility to 'see practice'.

As soon as you decide that you intend to sit the examination, you should complete Form 1A for initial / first declaration of intention to sit the examination (see 'Related documents' box).

You must send a copy of your primary veterinary degree certificate (with English translation if necessary) and a copy of your passport with Form 1A.

If you do not sit the examination at the next available session, or if you sit and fail, you must renew your intention to sit by completing Form 1B for renewal of intention to sit (see 'Related documents' box). 

RCVS 'seeing practice' letters are valid for a year from 15 September, so you should send your renewal Form 1B to the RCVS before 15 September each year.

Seeing Practice Form 2 (see 'Related documents' box) is the form for notifying the RCVS of your arrangements and/or plans for seeing practice.

Over the course of your examination preparation you should fill this form in as many times as appropriate. Use it to provide updates to the RCVS up to three times a year, in late December / early January, in April and in August / September.

You must send a Seeing Practice Form 2 when you declare intention on Form 1A or 1B, if you are seeing practice at the time or if you have made any plans to do so.