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Meeting Summary - March 2021

The Veterinary Technician Working Party met for the second time at the end of March. This meeting opened with discussions on how to establish a ‘veterinary technician association’. This would help with developing a self-identifying group of vet techs, and could be used as a stakeholder group for consultation to bring a range of perspectives and insight to inform further Working Party discussions.

The Working Party also discussed the importance of engaging with existing ‘vet techs’ who may not be affiliated with a veterinary practice, so they can fully engage with a broad church of those who identify as a vet technician or carry out a similar range of activities.

During the second part of this meeting, working party members discussed the proposed scope of the veterinary technician role, and compared this with current legislation including the exemption orders set out in the Veterinary Surgeons Act; it was noted that some further clarity will be needed in this area, which will be continue to be explored in later meetings. There was consensus amongst the Working Party that the vet tech role could possibly extend beyond cattle and sheep, and that there would need to be engagement with, for instance, the pig and poultry sectors. 

There was further discussion on the title ‘vet technician’, and whether this was the most appropriate way of describing the proposed role, and it was agreed to keep this question on the agenda.

The Working Party also learnt that the vet tech apprenticeship has now been approved, and course providers may be ready to deliver it as early as September this year.

The Veterinary Technician Working Party will meet again on Tuesday 25 May.