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Veterinary Technician Working Party


Our Veterinary Technician Working Party was set up at the end of 2020 following interest from farm animal veterinary practices and the Animal and Plant Health Agency regarding the possibility of RCVS formally recognising and regulating veterinary technicians.

The Working Party will consider the scope of the veterinary technician role, the educational route to becoming a veterinary technician, and propose a code of conduct and a disciplinary structure.

The Working Party will report into the Registration Committee, and ultimately make proposals to RCVS Council on the possibility of veterinary technicians becoming Associates of the RCVS alongside veterinary nurses.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference include:

  • Agreeing a definition of the veterinary technician role, and its scope, demonstrating that this meets the criteria agreed by RCVS Council.
  • Agreeing the day one skills and competencies for veterinary technicians.
  • Creating an assessment of existing veterinary technician courses and qualifications, and mapping these to the proposed standards.
  • Agreeing a Code of Conduct for veterinary technicians.
  • Agreeing a complaints process and disciplinary structure.
  • Proposing a governance structure for veterinary technician regulation within the RCVS.
  • Providing an estimate of the cost of regulation of veterinary technicians, to demonstrate that this will not require subsidy from other professions.


Linda Ford, Chair, Lay member RCVS Council.

Linda Belton, RCVS Council

Belinda Andrews-Jones, VN Council

Natalie Parker, LLM Vets, Head of Vet Technician service

Jon Reader, Director, Synergy Farm Health

Nikki Hopkins, BCVA President

James Cooknell, APHA, Operational Technical Lead for Animal Health Officers

Meeting summaries