Proposed changes to the CertAVP

This consultation has now closed.

The Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP) qualification has now been in existence for five years and, having taken account of the views of candidates, we believe that some modifications to the structure of the qualification should be made.

We propose to introduce a new 10-credit A module ‘Foundations of Veterinary Practice’ which will include most of the learning outcomes currently found in modules A-PKS (15 credits) and B-CKS (5 credits).

The aim of the new module is to make the learning outcomes related to core professional and clinical skills more explicit and coherent.

The new module would not cover practice management and business skills - these subjects would become optional, in the form of a new C module.

A draft of the proposed revised A module is available in the 'related documents' box on the right.

The overall effect of these changes would be that in order to achieve the 60 credits requirement for a CertAVP, candidates would need to complete, in addition to the Foundation A module (10 credits), one B module (10 credits) and four C modules (40 credits) OR two B modules (20 credits) and three C modules (30 credits).

This would mean that candidates who choose not to study business/practice management options will be able to earn more credits from species- and discipline-specific modules.

A draft of the proposed new structure can also be found in the 'related documents' box on the right.

We should be grateful if you would find time to study the draft proposal and then complete this short survey (which should take around five minutes) by Wednesday, 11 April 2012.