Draft Health Protocol

This consultation has now closed.

The Preliminary Investigation Committee and Advisory Committee have been working together to create a draft protocol setting out the approach that will be taken by the RCVS to deal with veterinary surgeons when health–related concerns affect their ability to practise safely.

The new Health Protocol formalises some aspects of the way cases involving health-related concerns are already dealt with by the RCVS and introduces new measures including monitoring and undertakings to limit what a veterinary surgeon can do in practice.

The RCVS recognises that this is a sensitive issue that doesn’t lend itself to a complaints-based procedure and that in appropriate cases, a referral to the Disciplinary Committee would not be in the public interest. This draft Protocol will enable the RCVS to manage health concerns relating to veterinary surgeons humanely and bring the RCVS into line with other professional regulators.

Under the draft Protocol, the RCVS will work together with the public and the profession to protect the welfare of animals and the public interest. Therefore the RCVS would like to receive comments from both members of the public and members of the profession on the approach proposed in the Protocol.

Comments should be sent to Simon Wiklund, Advisory Manager, by Friday, 8 October 2010.

Responses received in time will be considered by the Advisory Committee at its meeting in September and thereafter by Council in November.

It is envisaged that the new Protocol will be in place during 2011 and will form an annex to the RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct and the Guide to Professional Conduct for Veterinary Nurses with underpinning provisions being included in both Guides.

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