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West Yorkshire vet struck off for dishonesty

17 November 2003

Please note: This is an archived news story. Mr Alan Roderick Tait was removed from the RCVS Register of Members on 30 July 2004 on the instruction of the Registrar. He is therefore not currently entitled to practise as a veterinary surgeon in the UK.

The RCVS Disciplinary Committee has moved to strike off one of its members from the Register of Veterinary Surgeons after rehearing a case against him last week.

Mr Alan Roderick Tait faced two charges of disgraceful conduct in a professional respect, the first of which was found proved. This involved his claim to have performed surgery on an English bull terrier called Frances when he had not done so, and then his attempt to cover up his inaction by producing false evidence to her owners. The Committee considered that he was not a credible witness and that he had not told them the whole truth.

The second charge alleged that Mr Tait had discharged a greyhound called Suzie when she had not fully recovered from an ovaro-hysterectomy and had then failed to respond adequately to phone calls from her concerned owners. These allegations were found not proved.

Mr Tait had successfully appealed to the Privy Council earlier this year against an RCVS decision in 2002 to strike him off having found the same charges proved. Last week’s proceedings were heard by a newly constituted Disciplinary Committee.

Mr Brian Jennings, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, said, “It is our duty to uphold the good reputation of the veterinary profession. Whilst we acknowledge that there were mitigating circumstances in this case, Mr Tait’s conscious impropriety and persistent fabrication do amount to disgraceful conduct in a professional respect and his name should be removed from the Register.”

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