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Introduction to the UK veterinary professions – a key CPD course for overseas vets and VNs

The ‘Introduction to the UK veterinary profession – online CPD course for overseas vets and VNs’ is run by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and VDS Training.

This two-part online course is aimed at overseas-qualified veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses during their first two years working in the UK, as well as those considering working here. It will help to equip you with the vital knowledge and insight needed to work as a veterinary professional in UK veterinary practice.

You will hear from representatives of the RCVS, VDS Training, RCVS Veterinary Nurses Council, British Veterinary Association, VetAbroad and the support charity Vetlife, and have the chance to ask any questions you may have.

Course format

The course is divided into two parts as follows

  1. Online pre-recorded talks and a live Question & Answer session (both free of charge)
  2. Online live communications skills training session (£150 + VAT)

You do not have to complete both parts of the course, but may choose what is suitable for you.

In order to get the most out of the course, please make sure you watch the online talks before attending the Live Q&A session.

The communications skill training in part 2 is a practical and participatory part of the course which is run by VDS Training

Part 1 - Online talks & live Question and Answer session

Online talks 

Introduction and welcome
  • Ian Holloway, RCVS Director of Communications
The Role of the RCVS
  • RCVS Strategy and Direction – Lizzie Lockett, RCVS CEO
How to register with the RCVS as veterinary nurse or veterinary surgeon educated outside of the UK
  • Registration of veterinary nurses educated outside of the UK – Victoria Hedges, RCVS Examinations Manager
  • Registration of veterinary surgeons educated outside of the UK – Nicola South, RCVS Head of Registration
  • RCVS Statutory Membership Exam – Jonathan Reid, RCVS Examinations Manager
Finding your dream job in the UK and understanding cultural differences
  • Finding a great career in UK veterinary practice – Richard Holborow MRCVS & Iain Richards MRCVS, veterinary surgeons in practice
  • Tips from an overseas vet who has survived Part 1 & 2 - Andrea Dias MRCVS, VetAbroad
Practising as a veterinary professional in the UK
  • What it means to be a veterinary professional in the UK Part 1 -  Kimberley Richardson, RCVS Senior Standards and Advice Officer/Solicitor
  • What it means to be a veterinary professional in the UK Part 2 – Rob Girling, RCVS Disciplinary Solicitor
  • Developing your skills and knowledge – Jenny Soreskog-Turp, RCVS Lead for Postgraduate Education
  • The support we can offer you when problems occur - tips on avoiding pitfalls in practice Part 1& 2 – Christine Magrath HonFRCVS & Michael Stanford, VDS Claims Consultant
  • The art of delegation – Matthew Rendle RVN, Chair of RCVS Veterinary Nurses Council
Support available to you when working in the UK
  • Introducing Vetlife - support for the veterinary community – Jo Driver, Vetlife Operations Manager and Eve Ritchie, Vetlife Communications Officer
  • What the BVA can offer you: support and key services – Daniella Dos Santos MRCVS, BVA Senior Vice President
  • RCVS Knowledge - Chris Gush, RCVS Knowledge Executive Director

The talks are available on demand for you to watch at your convenience, and there are some questions to answer after each one. Please ensure you have watched as many of the videos as possible before you attend the live Q&A session.

Live Question and Answer session

To complement the online videos, we hold Q&A sessions 3-4 times a year, where some of the speakers from the online talks are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about the talk content.

Dates for 2022 Q&A sessions:

To be confirmed.

Cost: The online videos and Q&A session are both free of charge

Part 2 - Communication skills training session

Communicating effectively with clients can be one of the most challenging, but also rewarding aspects of veterinary work.

VDS Training is delighted to offer you the opportunity to join a live online communication skills training session to work through some of the most common pitfalls encountered during client consultations, and help equip you with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in practice.  

These small group (max 8 delegates) highly interactive online sessions utilise experienced role players and facilitators who specialise in communication skills. They will give you the chance of interacting in realistic scenarios to work out ‘how to’ communicate more effectively.

Receive valuable, real-time feedback on what works and what doesn’t allowing you to practice, develop and hone your skills in a supportive, safe environment.

Dates and times for 2022: 

To be confirmed.

(Please note session dates/times may need to be altered depending upon demand for session places).

Cost: £150+VAT per delegate

How to register

Register for Part 1 (Online talks & Q&A session) 

To register your interest for Part 1, please complete the Introduction to the UK Veterinary Professions registration form. 

Register here for Part 1

You will then receive an email within 2-3 days, with instructions on how to access the online videos and how to register for the Q&A session. 

Register for Part 2  - Communication skills training session

The Communication skills training session is run by VDS Training.

For more information and to book your place, please visit the VDS Training Communication skills registration page or email/telephone them directly:


T: 01565 743862


If you have any questions about the course, please email Emma Lockley

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