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City and Guilds – FAQs

View our FAQs below for more information regarding the decision by City & Guilds to cease offering veterinary nursing qualifications.

When do C&G stop delivering veterinary nurse education and training?

The last opportunity for new students to register with City and Guilds will be 31 August 2020. The last date that City and Guilds will certificate learners is 31 August 2023.

When did the RCVS know that C&G was withdrawing its offering?

The RCVS was advised on 10 January 2020 that C&G were withdrawing from VN education and training.

Although it is disappointing to lose a major provider of VN training, C&G is confident it can mitigate any impact on learners with support from other Awarding Organisations.

What other Awarding Organisations offer veterinary nurse training?

There are two Awarding Organisations accredited by the RCVS to deliver veterinary nursing at the further education level in the UK. These are Central Qualifications and VetSkill.

These two programmes vary significantly from the City and Guilds programme, and their programme handbooks can be found on their websites: 

There is also a well-established higher education route available, which may be an option for some students.

Who will decide which Awarding Organisation each Centre transfers to?

This is the prerogative of each Centre – they may consult their affiliated Training Practices and other stakeholders, and should fully consider the differences between each programme.

Can a Centre be approved by two Awarding Organisations?

Yes. Some Centres may decide to seek approval from an alternative Awarding Organisation before the last date that learners can be registered onto the C&G programme.

However, existing learners will still be enrolled on the C&G programme and they will not automatically be transferred onto a different programme.

What happens if a student has not completed their programme of training by the end certification date?

The student may be eligible to apply to complete their programme with another awarding organisation.

The new awarding organisation will need to ensure that the components of the programme that have already been completed meet the learning outcomes of their programme.

This should allow the student to ‘slot in’ to the new programme, however, there may be some outstanding learning requirements or assessments that the student will need to complete.

This may be referred to as ‘recognition of prior learning’ (RPL) and it is very important that students, particularly those who are taking a break from their studies, have access to their unit certifications.

It is advised that the Centres contact C&G for clarification on how they apply for unit certification.

Can a Centre recommend that a student changes programme prior to the end certification date?

If the Centre feels that the student is unlikely to complete the C&G programme by the end certification date (31 August 2023) they may feel it is in the student’s best interest to make that transition earlier in the programme.

It should be noted that all accredited further education VN training programmes meet the RCVS standards of accreditation, however, there are significant differences.

This should be taken into account and discussed fully with the student and their employer, as applicable.

How will apprenticeship students complete their End Point Assessment?

C&G are currently in discussions with the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE), Open Awards and approved End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) and will be advising their centres accordingly once arrangements have been finalised.

The register of End-point Assessment Organisations (EPAO) for veterinary nursing can be viewed on the website.

At what point will students be advised of OSCE locations and dates?

Current published dates for planned OSCE examinations can be found here and students and Centres will be further advised by C&G when future arrangements have been finalised.

Will training practices (TPs) be affected by C&G withdrawing from VN training?

No. TPs are approved by and affiliated to individual Centres, which in turn are affiliated to an AO.

If the Centre changes AO their TPs will remain as they were before, although the Centre may be required to update their documentation to reflect the change.

How is the RCVS ensuring standards are still being met for students on the C&G programme?

The VN Department of the RCVS will continue to audit and monitor the C&G programme and all affiliated centres until the end certification date of 31 August 2023, as per the quality monitoring outlined within the AO/HEI Handbook.