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Dr Leslie Brissett

Dr Leslie Brissett JP PhD FRSA, Director of the Group Relations Programme, Principal Consultant/Researcher and Company Secretary, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.


Leslie BrissettI have worked in the field of inter-agency and public-private partnerships and Public Service leadership and delivery for over 20 years. I am passionate about working at the interface of professions, institutions, cultures and generally any space where two 'others' have to find a way to work efficiently and effectively together. I am passionate about leadership, governance and management as the systems and processes that allow 'others' to work well together.

I have held Board-level leadership positions in multi-billion pound businesses, The NHS, where I served on 2 Strategic Health Authorities, one in London and in the South East Coast. I have chaired complex committees and worked with executive colleagues to deliver real change to populations who deserve good quality public services. My 14 year training with a Zen Master was my life defining study.  

I am curious about the ways that human beings relate to themselves, each other and their context. How we navigate the apparent external world and how this constellates with the navigation of our inner worlds opens a whole universe of exploration previously hidden from view.



Working with change

Change – a concept used by every leader, politician and rhetorician since writing began. What is change and how do we experience it? What does Change do to our sense of time and our ability to have an impact in our lives? Where does change happen in temporal or spatial terms? How do we experience what is possible and what is realistic for us to expect of ourselves and each other at work?

We will explore the topic of change to see what we can find that is helpful in facing, embracing and resisting change in our personal and organisational realities. Looking at Group Relations and our lived experience, what do vets uniquely hold for society in times of change? Identifying a new perspective on change and how to work WITH it will be the primary aim of the webinar.

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