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Dr Dione Hills

Dr Dione Hills PhD, Principal Researcher/Consultant, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.


Dione HillsDione joined the Tavistock Institute in 1986 after 8 years at the Department of Health as a senior research officer. She combines many years of designing and delivering evaluation with her experience of consultancy and group relations in the Tavistock tradition, to plan, deliver and advise on situations of complexity and their evaluation. Since 2017 she has been an active partner in CECAN: the Centre for Complex Evaluation across the Nexus, where she has been delivering training and webinars on the topic of complexity, as well as leading their team to write new government guidance on ‘Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation’.  She is currently working with colleagues to design and deliver a series of support offers (webinars, workshops, action learning sets and coaching support) for those facing complex challenges in their work place, when also required to track and deliver on specific outcomes.



Working and leading through times of uncertainty in work and the world around you

How we work, and how we manage our work, is influenced by many factors – some of which we can control, and others that are beyond our control. When the world around us is changing rapidly – as it has over the last several months – it can create massive upheaval and uncertainty around what to do for the best. This often requires us to rethink established work practices as well as how decisions are taken (including how quickly decisions have to be taken, by whom, and with what level of certainty about the outcome). We may have to find new ways to respond to the constraints – and opportunities – that present themselves to us from an ever changing external environment.

This webinar will provide an opportunity to review some of the changes and uncertainties that are taking place that impact on our working – and home – lives. Drawing on her many years of experience, particularly in the evaluation of complex and innovative interventions where the outcomes were unclear at the outset, and delivery never went quite to plan, Dione will reflect on some of the lessons learned and suggest practical steps that can help us ‘keep our heads’ even if many of those around us appear to be losing theirs. 

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