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Anne Benson

Anne Benson MA, UKCP accredited Psychoptherapist, Principal Consultant/Researcher and Head of Professional Development Programmes, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.


Anne BensonI am an organisational, team and leadership development consultant, executive coach, and clinician with 30 years’ experience of working primarily in the public sector. I began my career as a nurse. For the last twenty years, I have been working in practice-based consultancy, education and development. I also have a small private practice as a Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapist.

I have expertise in organisational and team culture and dynamics, working through change and working at and across boundaries; boundaries between professions, professionals and clients, teams, agencies and communities. I am interested in what goes on beneath the surface and working with people to make sense of this in practical ways that make a difference. Personally and politically I am drawn towards work that makes a contribution to promoting wellbeing, especially mental wellbeing for individuals and in workplaces, and addressing prejudice and inequalities amongst people.

I have designed and facilitated many professional development programmes nationally and internationally. Previously I have worked at The Kings Fund, The Royal College of Nursing and Kings College London.



Exploring and building resilience

In the last weeks and months much has been said about the need to develop resilience and to be resilient. In this webinar we will dig beneath this word ‘Resilience’. What is meant by it? Is it possible to develop? How do you know when you have it? What if you don’t feel resilient? Whose responsibility is it? Does it mean being able to put up with whatever comes your way, or something more creative. We will explore the concept from both an individual and from a team perspective. There will be a chance to think about how as a leader one might support the resilience of colleagues and team members; create a resilient workplace. The webinar is intended to be practical, to stimulate ideas and thinking for you to apply in your own work setting.

Watch the webinar recording