2019 Applications

A working group was set up in 2017 to review the criteria and guidance for Advanced Practitioner status in advance of the first group of Advanced Practitioners re-accrediting in 2019.

The amendments proposed by the working group were then presented to Education Committee, which agreed that all Advanced Practitioners should be consulted on the changes.

A consultation survey was sent out to all listed Advanced Practitioners on 18 October 2017 and closed on 10 November 2017. 173 Advanced Practitioners completed all or part of the survey. A summary of the results and comments can be downloaded from the 'Related documents' box.

The working group reviewed the outcomes of the consultation and took on board the points that were raised. The final version of the new criteria and guidance was signed off by RCVS Education Committee in February 2018. The main changes we have implemented are:

  • A definition of an ‘Advanced Practitioner’ has been added to the front of the guidance pack
  • There will be a check-box on the application form for applicants to self-certify they have seen on average 100 cases a year since 2018 in their area of designation
  • The 250 hours of CPD over 5 years will become a fixed minimum. At least 125 of these hours will need to be in the area of your designation and will also become a fixed minimum requirement.
  • 10 hours a year of designation-specific CPD with an external focus will need to be undertaken
  • CPD records will need to be presented through the PDR, either by providing a link or granting the RCVS access to your records
  • All applicants will need to provide a statement, with examples, showing how they have been involved with clinical governance and the impact this has had on their practice

The 2019 Guidance Notes, along with a checklist for application, can also be downloaded from the 'Related documents' box below.