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John Innes graduated from University of Liverpool in 1991. He was then at the Bristol School for 10 years where he completed his postgraduate surgery training and a PhD at the Rheumatology Unit of the Bristol Medical School, becoming a recognised RCVS Specialist in 2001. He was then appointed Professor of Small Animal Surgery at University of Liverpool where he was user- lead for the new £10M hospital. He was head of Department for Musculoskeletal Biology in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (2011-2013) and joined CVS in 2013 as Referrals Director.

John has published over 90 peer-reviewed research papers, authored several textbook chapters, and won research grants in excess of £3.5 million. In 2005, he was awarded the BSAVA Simon Award and was Chair of BSAVA Scientific Committee (2009-2012), was a member of the REF2014 panel for veterinary science, and President of the European Veterinary Orthopaedics Society (2014-2016). He was also a member of the RCVS Working Group on “Ethical review of practice-based research” and since 2015 has been a judge for the International Kennel Club Awards. John was awarded FRCVS in 2016 for meritorious contributions to knowledge and subsequently served a term on this selection panel.


Candidate statement 

The Fellowship should be the bedrock of science and ethics within the profession, given the depth and breadth of expertise within. The expansion of the Fellowship has been very welcome and I wish to see this new vibrancy within our community to continue to develop. The Fellowship now has more of a ‘voice’ and this should continue apace. I see mentorship and driving aspiration as a key role for the Fellowship and this would be central to my tenure should I be elected. I have always worked to encourage young colleagues aspire to be the next generation of veterinary leaders; the Fellowship needs to continue to expand its activities in promoting the profession, scientific and ethical progress, and the development of our rising stars. I well remember the impact my mentors had on me (you know who you are!) and I still very much appreciate their generosity in terms of time, advice and guidance. The new initiatives such as ‘Fellows on Tour’, Fellowship Directory, Mentor training for Fellows, the Fellowship Scientific Advisory Panel and ‘Fellowship ambassadors’ will need ongoing and realistic resource from RCVS and I am experienced in making the case for support. My 22 years in academia have given me an extensive network within the Fellowship and my current experience in a national role for a large veterinary group has given me insight in to veterinary practice in all domestic species. I am very keen on ‘big data’ projects as evidenced by my involvement with RCVS Knowledge on a new Canine Cruciate Registry. I have extensive experience in chairing committees and I strive to achieve a fair consensus in such a setting. I am collaborative and open in my approach and I have the flexibility within my current role to push the Fellowship forward.

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