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I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1990 and from the University of Glasgow in 1994 with a PhD on feline leukaemia virus. I then moved to the University of Cambridge as an assistant physician and became a RCVS and European Diplomate in Small Animal Medicine in 1997. I returned to Glasgow University Small Animal Hospital in 1998 where I have remained, becoming Professor of Small Animal Medicine in 2009. I have lectured extensively and published nearly 100 scientific papers, review articles and book chapters in many aspects of small animal medicine but my main interest is endocrinology.

I became a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2016 and have mentored 3 people through the process of becoming fellows. I was awarded the BSAVA Woodrow Award for contributions to small animal medicine in 2015. I was secretary of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine for 6 years, Clinical Director of the Hospital for 4 years, and I am currently the Vice President of BSAVA.

I am an active clinician with teaching, administrative, research and leadership responsibilities that I believe will help me fulfil the role of Chair of the Fellowship Board. Please contact me


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I believe that the value of the Fellowship must come from its activities as a learned society rather than the quality and qualifications of its members (impressive though they are). Nick Bacon has made a great start in fostering this aim by establishing a 3 year plan with the RCVS. Whoever is the chair will be responsible for delivering this plan.

Outreach activities such as ‘Fellows on Tour’ should continue but we should seek partnerships (e.g. RSM, INSPIRE, suitable sponsors etc.) to enhance this offering. I would like to see enhancements to the RCVS website to allow for a restricted “Fellows-only” area for contact details, areas of specialism, and links to suitable platforms for discussion and resources. This would allow the fellowship to develop its own groups using different formats to discuss the professional and scientific issues of the day and to lead the thinking within the profession. These formats could include meetings within other meetings (such as BSAVA’s new Summit meeting in December, the RCVS innovation days, as well as other congresses) and also newer methods such as on-line symposia and discussion groups (for example, using the Discourse platform).

The profession is currently undergoing a paradigm shift with changes cascading over each other like waves in a storm. We do not know where the calmer waters are, or when we will get to them. In this climate, a learned society can act as both an anchor and beacon to help all members of the profession navigate the storm. The ‘anchor’ is the set of common values that binds vets together such as commitments to animal welfare, scientific integrity and professional and community services. The ‘beacon’ is the example that we all provide of the pursuit of excellence in developing our profession through many channels, including RCVS Knowledge.

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