Fellowship Board update

The Fellowship Board is expanding

Changes are being made to the Fellowship governance structure, with the Fellowship Board set to expand at the upcoming election.

The new RCVS Fellowship Board will comprise 10 members, each of them serving for a 3-year term of office. The 3 new positions on the board include the immediate past-Chair of the Fellowship Board and 2 members responsible for delivering specific projects and engaging with the wider Fellowship.


Why has the Board expanded?

The decision to create an expanded Fellowship Board was taken last year and approved this April at the new Advancement of the Professions Committee, in order to allow the Fellowship’s governance structure to better meet the initiative’s ambitious 3-year plan.

The 3-year plan, which was announced at last year’s Fellowship Day, includes the following objectives:

  • Promoting scientific excellence: the Fellowship will support opportunities to advance veterinary standards by working collaboratively to examine the current knowledge base, identifying knowledge gaps, and supporting the translation of knowledge and research into veterinary practice.
  • Furthering professional skills and practice and invigorating creativity: this includes committing the Fellowship to help enhance the professional skills and practice of all veterinarians, wherever they are on their career path, by sharing best practice. Under this path the Fellowship will also act as a spur for creative thinking and innovation to address the challenges faced by the profession.
  • Promoting public awareness of veterinary science: under this ambition the Fellowship will aim to be one of the trusted and authoritative voices within the veterinary profession that is able to engage with the general public to raise awareness and understanding of veterinary science.

Please note: Under the RCVS Election Scheme, as approved by the Privy Council, the RCVS Registrar shall not be required to circulate an election statement which they consider to be defamatory (or otherwise unlawful), or factually misleading and may, when the statement cannot be agreed with the candidate, either edit the election statement or decide not to circulate it.


How are we expanding the Board?

We are holding an election for the Fellowship Board. We are currently requesting Fellows who are interested put themselves forward as election candidates.

For more information on the election, see our Fellowship Board Election 2019 page.