Impact Award nomination form

Any information supplied in this application will form the basis of a citation for the successful nominees to be read by the President of the RCVS at Royal College Day in July 2020.

Nominations for the Impact Award can only be made by MsRCVS or RVNs, excluding current members of RCVS Council and VN Council. Nominees for the award must be MsRCVS or RVNs, also excluding current RCVS Council and VN Council members. Supporting statements can be supplied by non-veterinary professionals.

The deadline for making a nomination is Friday 10 January 2020.

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Part one: nominee information

(including accurate title, post-nominals and middle name, where known)

(these will be used on the certificate in the event that the nomination is successful)

(this can be found using

The Impact Award was launched in 2017 to recognise veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses who have recently, or are currently, undertaking a project, initiative or similar that has affected the veterinary profession at large, animal health and welfare and/or public health.

In no more than 250 words please give us an overview of your nominee’s career as a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse, including any relevant voluntary or part-time work.

Any other relevant information

In no more than 250 words please provide us with any further information you feel may support this application – this could include, for example, anecdotes about your interactions with the individual or information about their hobbies, interests or personal life.

Part two: nominator information

In no more than 150 words please tell us a bit about yourself including your name, current job title, and your connection with the nominee. Please note: only MsRCVS or RVNs (excluding current RCVS Council and VN Council members) may make a nomination for the Impact Award. 

Supporters' statements

Nomination applications require two supporting statements of no more than 250 words which may be from an MRCVS, RVN or layperson. At least one of these must be someone who is not a close working colleague of the person nominated, to demonstrate breadth of support. The supporting statements should be no longer than 250 words and should include:

  • The name of the nominee
  • The award/honour for which they are being proposed
  • Supporter’s job title
  • Relationship to the nominee
  • Information about why they believe the nominee is deserving of the Impact Award
  • Date

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