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Dr Cheryl Scudamore


Fellowship Board Election 2020 Vice-Chair candidate Dr Cheryl ScudamoreCandidate 2 of 4



Dr Susan Paterson, Prof Anna Meredith


Candidate Biography

I graduated from Liverpool University in 1988 gaining a PhD from Aberdeen University in 1991 after working at the Rowett Research Institute. I am a FRCPath specialising in laboratory animal pathology, an RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Pathology and FRCVS by meritorious contribution to learning. I have been working as a veterinary pathologist for over 20 years in diagnostic, academic and industrial settings and currently work as an independent pathology consultant predominantly supporting research groups in academia and industry. I was elected to RCVS Council in 2017, have been a member of the FRCVS credentials panel since 2015 and was appointed as a lay member to the south west Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards in 2020.

I have held academic posts at R(D)SVS and RVC, hold an honorary Chair at Surrey Vet School and have taught pathology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I have also worked for GlaxoSmithKline, contract research organisations and MRC Harwell. My professional interests are in the use of pathology to support in vivo research in drug development and models of human disease. I have also been interested in the transfer of pathology technical knowledge between industry and academia to improve the reproducibility of in vivo research.


Candidate Statement

I have been an active member of the FRCVS credentials panel since the Fellowship revival in 2015. While it has been gratifying to see the increase in applications particularly from people who are still at the most active stage of their careers I have been disappointed by the continuing lack of diversity in these applications. I feel that the application and assessment process need to be reviewed to encourage applicants from all sectors particularly those areas where impact is less easily measured by a written legacy. I also feel that another important factor which limits applications and engagement with the Fellowship is the current lack of clarity around what the Fellowship is and does. 

I would therefore like to use my experience of assessing candidate applications for the Fellowship and for other organisations to help develop the application process so that it is viewed as an achievable goal which is a natural stage of career development rather than recognition of longevity. Additionally, ensuring that the assessment process is transparent and objective.

To encourage participation, I would like to help enable rapid definition of the Fellowship as an active entity within the RCVS and the veterinary profession. What is the role of the Fellowship and how does this role overlap with other functions especially RCVS Knowledge? Answering these questions is important to allow the ambition to “advance veterinary standards by providing a resource of independent knowledge for the benefit of the veterinary profession” to be realised. I believe that improving understanding of what is meant by a “Learned Society” and being able to clearly see how joining the Fellowship can have impact and enable contribution to the development of the profession and wider society could encourage more and diverse applications.

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