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Issues not likely to result in a finding of an arguable case

The following issues, for example, are not likely to result in a finding of an arguable case that the conduct falls far short of that which is expected:

  1. Fee disputes where the charges levied by the veterinary surgeon are reasonable, or, even if the charges are high, they are not so extreme as to bring the profession into disrepute;
  2. Service concerns such as failure to provide appointments at an agreed time;
  3. Civil matters such as boundary and planning disputes, or alleged minor disturbances between the practice and neighbours;
  4. General insurance matters unless there are allegations of dishonest appropriation of payments or unnecessary treatment and/or claims; and/or
  5. Employment matters such as poor time keeping, non-payment of locum fees or breach of contract unless there is a clear issue regarding dishonesty or the welfare of animals may be affected.

The examples above are not exhaustive. They are intended to form guidance only and to provide a benchmark in identifying types of cases likely to meet the required threshold.