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Renewing your registration/listing


Registered veterinary nurses

Annually, registered veterinary nurses must:

  • Pay an annual registration fee – by 1 November
  • Confirm their registration details, including address – which should ideally be a work address

Registered veterinary nurses will be sent a ‘Renewal of Registration’ letter each year which outlines what information we hold about you, and how to pay your fees - don't forget you can now confirm your details and pay online.


Listed veterinary nurses

Listed veterinary nurses need only pay an annual fee – by 1 November each year. They will be sent a letter outlining what fees are due each year, along with details of how to pay online.


Veterinary surgeons

In order to maintain your registration, veterinary surgeons must annually:

  • Pay an annual registration fee by 31 March
  • Confirm your registration and contact details
  • Confirm you are compliant with the RCVS CPD policy
  • From 2014, declare any criminal cautions, convictions or adverse findings (hereafter ‘convictions, etc’)

Information on how disclosures relating to criminal convictions are handled, together with a disclosure form, can be downloaded from the ‘Related documents’ section on the right.

Veterinary surgeons are sent an annual renewal notice each year, which outlines how to confirm your registration and contact details, and how to pay your fee.

Once the renewal notices have been sent out, it is possible to confirm your registration information and CPD compliance, make a declaration regarding convictions and pay your fees online.


NB for all categories of listing or registration: even if you do not receive a letter notifying you of fees due, it is your responsibility to ensure that you pay the correct amount by the deadline.

Many hundreds of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses fail to update their address details with us each year, so the fee notices are sent to the wrong address. Although we will make efforts to contact those who do not return their fees on time, ultimately, you could be removed from your respective Register/List.

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