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Welcome to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Registration dates (veterinary surgeons)

If you are applying to become a registered member of the RCVS, you will need to select your preferred date for a registration appointment in order to proceed with your application.

We will contact you within 15 days of receiving all your documents and payment to confirm your registration appointment. We will contact you sooner if we have any queries regarding your eligibility requirements or documents you have submitted.

Please note, registration dates can become fully booked very quickly, so please submit your application as early as possible and provide two preferred registration dates on your Initial Enquiry Form. We will always do our best to accommodate your preferred registration date.

Please view the list of available dates below.

View details on how to register.


Available dates for registration

Registration appointments take place at the offices of the RCVS at 11am on most Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the year. Appointments run until approximately 12.30pm and can include a group of up to 20 registrants. Please note there is no formal dress code. 

Below is a list of dates available for registration:


February 2017

  • Tuesday 21
  • Friday 24
  • Tuesday 28


March 2017

  • Friday 3
  • Friday 10
  • Friday 17
  • Tuesday 21
  • Friday 24
  • Tuesday 28
  • Friday 31


April 2017

  • Tuesday 4
  • Friday 7
  • Tuesday 11
  • Friday 21
  • Friday 28


May 2017

  • Friday 5
  • Tuesday 9
  • Friday 12
  • Friday 19
  • Tuesday 23
  • Friday 26


June 2017

  • Friday 2
  • Friday 9
  • Tuesday 13
  • Friday 16
  • Friday 23
  • Tuesday 27
  • Friday 30


July 2017

  • Tuesday 4
  • Friday 7
  • Tuesday 11
  • Friday 14
  • Tuesday 25
  • Friday 28


If you need to attend a registration appointment because you have been offered a veterinary position in the UK, and there are no available dates listed ahead of your start date, please submit a copy of the job offer letter you received from your new employer (ensuring it includes your start date) with your Initial Enquiry Form. Please note this will usually be dependent on the cancellation of an existing appointment, so we are not able to guarantee you an earlier appointment but we will do our very best.

For more information, please contact the RCVS Registration Department on 020 7202 0707 or email where a member of the team will be able to assist you.

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