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PSS Manual

The PSS Manual was last updated in August 2015. View the Practice Standards Scheme Manual





Full routine inspections on all practice premises take place every 4 years.



Practices can be notified of a spot check at any point and 24-48 hours notice will given. These are short 1-2 hour inspections and focus on limited areas.



Requested inspections (fees apply):

These generally fall into the following categories:

  1. Moving premises: You must contact the PSS team as soon as you are aware that you are moving. When you have notified us of the move you will be asked to select one of the following options:
    1. Retain your accreditation at the new premisesAn inspection will need to take place one month after the date of opening. After this inspection, you will then have one month to provide evidence to show that any deficiencies have been met or your accreditation will be suspended.
    2. Lose accreditation and await the next routine inspectionUntil accredited after the next inspection, any reference to the practice premises as being accredited must cease.
    3. Lose accreditation and arrange an inspection before the next routine inspection date. The practice can wait until it has settled into the new premises and then request for an inspection to be arranged. As for option b) above, until accreditation from this inspection is granted, any reference to the practice premises as being accredited must cease.
  2. New premises/acquisitions: Options for inspection as for Point 1. 
  3. Accreditation changes: e.g. Core Standards to General Practice. Please contact us to discern whether an inspection is required.
  4. Alteration to premises:  Should extensive refurbishment be undertaken at a practice it is likely that functions of rooms and the way staff work will alter. The PSS Team should be contacted with details of the changes which are due to take place at the practice to review whether an inspection is required.

Please contact the PSS team for further information if you need to arrange an inspection or to notify us of planned refurbishment/building extension. Information about registering new premises can be found in the Register of Veterinary Practice Premises section.


Who are the Inspectors?

The criteria for appointment as an Inspector are as follows:

  • All Inspectors must be at least five years qualified as an MRCVS; be in full or part-time veterinary practice (or to have been so within the previous three years) and be approved as having suitable experience in the species area for undertaking inspections of each appropriate accreditation.
  • In order to assure quality and consistency in inspections, Inspectors will from time to time be subject to review by the Senior Inspector or another member of the Review Group who will monitor them in the course of an inspection visit.
  • A list of the current Inspectors is available to download from the 'Related documents' box.



For information on fees, please visit the fees page.


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